• Where is Akyaka?

    Akyaka is is a small town in the Gökova region near the city of Muğla. It is a unique bay and town with its nature.

  • How do I get to Akyaka?

    The sign of the town is visible on the way to Marmaris (25 km). All busses from big cities to Marmaris pass by here. Get off the bus at the Akyaka junction in Gökova. Those bus companies provide shuttle service to downtown. If not just give us a call. We can pick you up.

  • Where should I fly to?

    Dalaman Airport is the closest and easiest option. From there you can take the airport shuttle to Marmaris and get off by the Gökova-Akyaka junction. From there it is about 20TL to town by taxi or call us to pick you up. 
    Or contact us to organise a private pick up from the airport. 

  • Should I do anything before joining a beginner course?

    Since there is no need for balance, power, fitness to learn kiteboarding, it is not necessary to join a fitness programme. But you knowbeing fit is good, don't let things get out of control. :)

    Stretching helps a lot to make the course confortable, especially for male enthusiasts. If you have some weight and getting bigger around the mid section... Start some stretching exercises at least a week in advance.

    We like to use the time as efficient as we can. If you have a two line kite (like 1m cell kite or any stunt kite) start flying that. You will be a step ahead when you come here.

  • What should I bring?

    Think that you are going down to the public beach. Sun is the only thing that you have to consider. Bring all your shields. For the first hour of the course you can wear what ever you like on the beach. But when ever you go into the water shorts and rashguards are good. Forget training with bikinis. We provide wetsuits for cooler days. 3 mm shorties works most of the time in here. If you have long ones those are good for 7-8 months. A wet suit should be the first personal thing that you buy if you are in this game.

    Sunglasses get lost in the water. Those with specialy designed watersports lenses are ok.

  • Can I find any food or drinks at the beach?

    We offer free drinking water at our base and there is a Café for food, drinks and beer. The beach and the base are comfortable enough to spend the day.

  • Are there any dangereous creatures?

    We are the luckiest around the world. No sharks, no jellyfish or any other dangerous stuff. The water is warm, not salty and all sand. All teaching is done in shallow water except the boat supported courses. The only dangerous creature is yourself in the water at the beginning. That is why your instructor works one to one with you to eliminate this risk until you learn to steer the kite.

  • My partner will not join the courses...

    Try to convince him/her at least to try a small session to taste kiteboarding. If your partner can come and join us at our base. Our base is comfortable and fun to spend the all day. Sun, sand and sea is better than the town. Even watching the action and social environment will make your day. To come to our kiteboard beach your family, friend or partner can use of our transfer options. As they do not kite they will not pay any beach entrance fee. A list of things to do at the kitebeach for non-kiters;

  • Get lazy on the deck chairs in the shade of our base , there is wi-fi, music.
  • Take pictures. The bay's unique nature and the action going on at Gokova Kiteboard Beach is a goldmine for photographers.
  • Rent paddle board or kayak to discover the delta behind our school.
  • Watch riders, especially the ones on the stage (the orange pontoon).
  • There is a safe area for swimmers. But this spot is shallow and not perfect for real swimming.