Freeride ProgramME

You have just started riding both sides. Or you have doubts about your riding style or water start.. Freeride programmes are tailor made programmes which is focused on your progression with the support of 1to1 tuition and technology. After 15 minutes of riding we write down the best recipe for you.

The fun will start after completing the beginner level. Now it is time to RIDE!

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FR 1

  • Control speed by edging
  • Ride and stop on both sides
  • Ride upwind on both sides
  • Smooth transitions
  • Deep water self rescue variations
  • Ride toe side
  • Theory and safety of jumps
  • Practice basics of jump

After completing the basics of freeride such as toeside, transitions and small jumps you can join our FR2 programme which focuses on basics of oldschool tricks

FR 2

  • Practice pops
  • Confident jumps and grabs
  • Jump Transition

It is getting more exciting as you go higher and faster. If you like to add more style and height into your sessions here is our FR3 programme that includes rotations and more agressive tricks

FR 3

  • Pops and backrolls with a stable kite
  • Bacrolls with high jumps
  • Front roll, Front roll one hand, front roll grab
  • Ride blind (backwards)
  • Try all tricks on switch side

Kiteboarding offers many variations that makes the game endless. You can try all these different styles or chose one of them as a life time carreer.

Kiteboard Styles

  • Freestyle
  • Foil Board
  • Wakeskate
  • Wakestyle (Bindings – Obstacles)
  • Surf Board



Euro 50

1 hour

1to1 tuition



Euro 40

1 Hour

Group of two


Boat Session

Euro 65

1 Hour

1to1 tuition

Boat, radio and instructor support, deep water


Weekend Warriors

Euro 200

4 Hours

2 Days

Group of 2 - 4 riders


Weekly Freeride Programme

Euro 500

6 Hours 1to1 tuition

6 Days equipment